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Village Park Senior Living September Crossword Puzzle

When we launched this blog a little over a year ago, our main goal was to provide information that would be useful to seniors and people who work with seniors. We’ve covered a lot of valuable information, dispensed interesting factoids, and nurtured a larger conversation about senior-related issues. By popular demand, one of the topics we’ve covered most extensively has been cognitive health. This issue is especially important to us, and we want to help address it from every angle we possibly can. Therefore, we thought it would be useful—and of course fun—to introduce a new “brain teasers” feature on our blog. As we’ve discussed before, one of the best ways to maintain cognitive health is to exercise the brain.

Enjoy this 100% original Village Park crossword puzzle, and be sure to come back next week for the answers and a new blog. To download and/or print the puzzle, just right-click it and navigate to the appropriate option.

crossword puzzle

Click here to download the PUZZLE

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