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Introducing Emory Healthcare’s Integrated Memory Care Program at Village Park Senior Living

We’re excited to announce the addition of Emory Healthcare’s unique Integrated Memory Care program at all of our Village Park Senior Living communities. Working in concert with our signature Flourish programs, the IMC program will offer customized primary care for our residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

As part of the most extensive care system in Georgia, Emory’s Integrated Memory Care program offers tailored care managed by nurse practitioners specialized in dementia care and geriatrics. Although dementia can pose unique challenges, Emory’s specialized teams provide support and navigation through all aspects of healthcare.

“Addressing dementia and offering graceful support has always been a focal point for our care programs,” says Leisa Cawthon, Regional Clinical Director. “We started that with our Flourish programs, and now we’re excited to expand that with the introduction of Emory’s Integrated Memory Care program. Our residents will have more care options, more attentive support, and more opportunities to thrive than ever.”

Not only will this program expand the services provided to residents in our Flourish Enclave memory care neighborhood, but it will also offer specialized primary care to residents in our traditional apartment homes and city homes as well, should they desire it. With Emory’s program, Village Park Senior Living residents with dementia diagnoses can receive specialized support in their same spacious apartment homes. For a monthly fee, participants will receive weekly engagement sessions with a dementia care assistant who will implement a plan developed by an occupational therapist.

The inclusion of this nationally recognized program is a continuation of our commitment to providing excellence of service, care, and hospitality. Everyone, whether living with dementia or not, deserves dignified, complete care in a home tailored to their needs. Integrated Memory Care by Emory Healthcare is one of many fantastic care services fulfilling that promise at Village Park Senior Living.

To learn more about this program, please complete this interest form.