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5 Tips for Getting Exercise During Winter

We often discuss the importance of regular exercise for older adults. In addition to keeping your muscles strong, your heart healthy, and your energy high, physical activity can have positive effects on your mental and perhaps even cognitive health. It may even extend your lifespan and help you remain independent for longer. This time of year, however, getting regular exercise can be a challenge. The low temperatures, slick sidewalks, and heightened desire to be warm and cozy can keep us sitting on our couches when we should be getting up and moving. To help you stick to or begin your exercise regimen, here are a few tips for staying active during wintertime:

  • Find an indoor exercise class near you.

At Village Park Senior Living, we offer a wide variety of guided indoor fitness activities, but no matter where you are, you’ll likely be able to find yoga, tai-chi, jazzercise, and other specialized fitness classes for your skill level.

  • Utilize our indoor fitness center.

Jogging, walking, or doing other forms of exercise outdoors can be great during the more moderate seasons, but it’s easy to fall behind when it gets too hot or too cold. Fortunately, Village Park residents have access to an indoor fitness center that can accommodate a wide range of health levels and activity preferences.

  • Try walking at the local mall.

Walking regularly is one of the best ways for seniors to stay active and independent. A quick trip to your local mall can provide a safe, well-lit, and temperature-controlled environment for regular strolls. And you might get some of your holiday shopping done in the process.

  • Use your space creatively.

Guided lessons on yoga, tai-chi, and other forms of exercise that seniors tend to gravitate toward can be easily found for free online. Many standard exercises, such as push-ups and balance exercises, require little-to-no equipment and can be done on your bedroom floor. You can use our tips for exercising with arthritis for some ideas of how to jumpstart your low-impact, indoor exercise routine.

  • Practice safety at every turn.

If you decide to exercise outside this winter, make sure to check the weather forecast beforehand. Ensure that any surfaces you want to run or walk on are free of ice and snow, and don’t spend too much time outside when it’s too cold for safety. If you’re exercising indoors, make sure to learn proper form and technique from a professional and to pace yourself. Always check with your doctor before engaging in a new exercise regimen.

No matter the time of year, it’s important to keep your body and brain engaged as much as you can. At Village Park Senior Living, we offer several health, wellness, and exercise programs specifically geared toward seniors. If you’re interested in learning more about assisted living, independent living, memory care, or any of the many programs & activities we offer, please contact Village Park Senior Living for more information. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates and to check back soon for a new blog.