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A Father’s Impact

Parenthood is composed of several challenges, triumphs, and responsibilities. Parents offer support and guidance for their children. The presence of a maternal and paternal figure in the home has been proven to have a positive effect on a child. From adolescent confidence to their views into adulthood, parents shape their child’s overall disposition in life. Although the presence of both parents is impactful, fathers specifically have a unique influence on their children.


Delos Knight is a retired decorated veteran, a loving husband, and a devoted father, grandfather, and great grandfather. As he reflected on what fatherhood means, he shared his experience and wisdom on what a paternal role looks like.


“You’ve got to trust your children to be intelligent and do the right thing,” he explained. “Then reward them when they do.”


According to Psychology Today, decision-making is one of the most important skills your children need to develop and become healthy and mature adults. Although it can be scary to put the responsibility of making the right choice in the hands of a child, it is imperative for children to learn how to make decisions that are in the best interest of themselves and others rather than ones made for instant gratification. Emotional development is one of the many advantages Delos identifies as significant of a father’s presence in a child’s life.


Delos also highlighted the unique impact fathers have on their daughters in comparison to their sons. 


“Young girls base their relationship with others based on their father’s character,” he said. 


Moreover, NY Daily news outlines the ability to navigate components from recent studies that show fathers have a greater impact on their daughters in adolescence through early adult life, academic and career success, first romantic loves, mental health, and life stress.


 Similarly, there are also instrumental ways fathers uniquely influence a son’s life as well. “Boys model themselves after their father’s character,” Knight said. Many young men do imitate their fathers.  According to, dads provide their sons with their first example of what masculinity looks like. Fathers are also an integral part of their sons’ physical, emotional, and psychological growth.


Fathers help children communicate, become more resilient, and shape the overall development of a child’s life. “If you do a decent job at fathering, your kids will pass it along and do a good job as well, “ Knight shared. Much like Delos, our community has several other dynamic individuals here at Village Park. To learn more about our communities please call (470)509-4557. We look forward to meeting you.