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A Media Trailblazer: Delos Knight

Hailing from Bogalusa, Louisiana, Delos Knight is a veteran, world traveler, and media mogul. He began his career at only 13 years old when he created and disseminated his own newspaper in his hometown. Not long after, he was approached by the local newspaper to write their high school column. This was his first step in his expansive and successful career in media.

After high school, Delos decided to serve his country in the armed forces. Here, his job was the history editor for the US army. After six years of service, things turned full circle when he returned to his first radio station after his military career. Here, he reunited with his wife Margaret, who was also working in media as a writer at the time. While expecting their third child, one of his long-time radio station colleagues presented Delos with an offer to advance his career in Public Relations.

Just a year into his new profession led him to another promotion as Public Relations manager. In this role, he wrote everything from feature stories to articles for the Mississippi and Louisiana State Legislature. This experience led him to become Public Affairs manager for over 16 states during the Civil Rights era. His work did not go unnoticed.

Delos embarked on another opportunity working in internal affairs in California. In this role, he continued to expand his proficiency in PR, government affairs involvement and additionally ran the video department for the company as well. Through a series of smart business moves and risky executive decisions, Delos moved on to become the Vice President of Government Affairs for the entire company.

At this time, paper companies began to become acquired by real estate companies and land investors. Multiple corporations were struggling to stay above water, being displaced, and becoming obsolete. Thankfully, due to his years of experience and a massive networking network, Delos was able to secure an even better position in a short period of time. He began working as a consultant for agencies that needed assistance with government relations. This consistent upward mobility Delos’s career landed him in Georgia as the General Manager for the southern region for the American Forest Paper Company.

Delos has had an expansive career in government affairs, was active in community organizations, and is an advocate for race relations. After years of service, he and his wife decided it was time to retire. They began to travel worldwide, starting in Barcelona, Belgium, and Cairo before, eventually visiting 82 different countries. Still happily married and father of four, Delos Knight still enjoys seeing sites and local landmarks. His advice to anyone looking to progress in their career and life is,

“You’ve got to be fair and honest and humble, and remember there are other people who have the interest to be served.”

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