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Fairy Tales and Financial Success

A Small Business Tale of Financial Literacy and Empowering Young Minds

Our minds are sponges ready to absorb as much knowledge as possible in the developmental stages of life. Early childhood education often includes language arts, basic arithmetic, science, and history. It is pertinent to learn vital skill sets that will be utilized throughout life. However, one of the most important resources we need to learn about isn’t normally taught until our adult years. In today’s world, financial literacy is becoming increasingly important for people of all ages, especially children.

Juliana, a mother of two, recognized the need to understand finances from an early age. She decided to implement these lessons with her kids. After brainstorming some business ideas with her six-year-old daughter, Isabelle, the mother-daughter duo started Can Fairies in January 2023. The trash-to-curb valet service provides a helping-hand to their community while serving as a platform to expose Isabelle to financial literacy.

Isabelle connected instantly. She, her mother, and occasionally her younger brother and father, retrieve garbage cans and return them to the homes of their respective customers. The small business has grown throughout the North Gwinnett area and has taught Isabelle the basics of finances.

At six years-old, Isabelle is a business owner and knows how to cover basic financial needs. She actively and joyously points out toys, products, and various items as an asset or a liability. Through Can Fairies, she has learned about budgeting, pricing, and managing expenses. Isabelle also understands the value of work.

The creation and operation of the small business has developed a keen business sense for Isabelle. She takes her business responsibilities seriously and she is proud to serve her community. Isabelle is always excited to ride her bike through neighborhoods and return her customer’s heavy bins.

The story of Can Fairies is a perfect example of how parents can take an innovative approach to teaching their children about financial literacy with firsthand experience. Too often, young adults feel underprepared and blindsighted by financial responsibility as they leave the family nest. By encouraging children to start their own small business or by involving them in household financial decisions, parents can help their children learn valuable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

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