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Friendship in the Village

Written by Village Park Anonymous

When I came to Village Park with my husband, we met some people. My husband was a character and the few that met us, loved him. Unfortunately, he died 3 months later.

Well, it was more difficult to make friends, especially staying inside my room. A few weeks later, there was music in the garden and all the people were out there. It was hard for me to go out. So I sat on my porch. The next week, I was sitting on the porch and a gentleman called and said, ‘Come down and be with people, it makes everything better.’

After much calling, I went into the courtyard and listened to music. It made me feel good. So I went again when they played music. The same gentleman was there and we exchanged names. He was very funny.

A new tenant came over and asked if he was my husband, of course, I said, ‘no.’ But, my new friend said, ‘Tell him yes, we’ll start rumors all over.’ We laughed. I told him my husband had suddenly died + I couldn’t do that but, we laughed.

This man has become a friend of 3.5 years. We do not agree on everything and argue quite a bit in these years. But after each argument either he knocks on my door or I go over to him and we both say, “We’re still friends, okay?”

I would say we are special friends, not anything else. I am sure that he has made many friends here at Village Park by just being a friend and saying the right thing at the right time – when a person needs a friend.