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Getting S.M.A.R.T. about Your Goals

The second half of the year has arrived! Have you gotten around to accomplishing those New Year’s resolutions yet? No worries! The SMART guide is a tried and true method to help achieve your goals in a comprehensive way. This golden rule assists to craft goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Executing daily and long-term objectives can help seniors with memory, cognition, confidence, and according to studies is an excellent tool to combat the early stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s.



When setting goals, you want to be sure to make them as specific as possible. This ensures that you are able to clearly understand the task ahead. Once the goal is spelled out plainly, you are able to devise a plan to accomplish them. Overall, specific goals are proven to have a greater chance of being accomplished. 



Have you ever bought furniture without knowing the dimensions of the space you’re furnishing? That method typically doesn’t work out too well. In the same sense, to avoid wasting time reevaluating your goals, it is imperative to make sure they are measurable. As entrepreneur and business mogul Robert Herjavec says, “A goal without a timeline is just a dream.” Outlining realistic deadlines, dates, amounts, etc. makes tasks quantifiable enough to create a foreseeable timeframe. 



Being honest and introspective is paramount to create goals that are attainable. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and mirror your goals to those that align with your personal attributes. It is great to aspire to achieve as much as possible, as long as the goals are manageable. Scientists suggest 92 percent of people do not accomplish the goals they set, largely due to setting goals that are unrealistic. The eight percent that do hit their targets, set goals that can be practically attained. 



Another reason people do not see things through, is due to lack of interest. Setting goals rooted in purpose motivates you to finish victorious! Think about your life and the direction you want it to go in. Consider your loved ones, your career, and your personal life. These factors all help define the areas you hold near and dear and in turn, inspire you to realize goals rather than abandon them. 



Setting deadlines provides you with a definitive timeframe. By adding a time element to your goal, you’re less likely to lose steam because you are aware of the set deadline. Putting your goals on a time clock creates efficiency, urgency, and focus. By not specifying a target you are putting your goal in jeopardy of never becoming a priority. To prevent having your dreams in limbo, set definite finish lines you can look forward to celebrating when you complete it. 


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