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Keeping Your Passions Alive as You Age

Knowledge, perspective, and wisdom that accumulates over a lifetime are a few of the wonderful attributes that come with age. However, growing older can also bring new challenges. We’re all familiar with the physical and mental health issues that often come along with our golden years. Still, many of us neglect to acknowledge the smaller changes, such as the tendency of letting our hobbies and passions fall away over time.

How old you feel is tied to your mindset as much as it is tied to your birth date, and maintaining your passions in your later years can impact how young you feel. However, for many people, it can be difficult to find new interests and/or expand one’s involvement with old passions after retirement age. Here are some suggestions for reigniting your zeal for life, in both big and small ways, as you get older:


Volunteering will usually only cost you your time, offers the opportunity to do some good in the world, and provides many fantastic opportunities to spark your interests, socialize, and gain new friendships. If you choose to volunteer doing something that interests or matters to you personally, you will likely meet people there who share your interests. This will allow you to network with people in your community, acting as a gateway to countless ways of discovering and engaging with things you might be interested in.

Take classes.

No matter what community you’re a part of, a quick online search will likely turn up several ways you can better yourself with a group of other people. Many different types of classes and courses offer free or discounted introductory sessions, giving you the opportunity to try several activities before you find what’s right for you. You may even find something you excel at enough to teach it to others one day. At Village Park Senior Living, we offer a wide variety of classes and group activities for seniors. Many of our residents find these great for developing their interests, as well as for pure enjoyment.

Reignite passions.

Life has a way of making what was intended to be a temporary delay into something more permanent. If you’ve had to set aside one or some of your passions due to family or career obligations at any earlier age, now may be the perfect time to rediscover old interests. Use retirement or semi-retirement as an opportunity to pick up the guitar again, learn to paint, experience that place you’ve always wanted to visit, etc.

These are just three of countless ways you can jumpstart your excitement about pursuing your old and new interests. To learn more about the activities we offer at Village Park, visit our Lifestyle & Amenities page. Please contact Village Park Senior Living for more information if you have any questions about our community. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates, and to check back often for new blogs.