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Launching Fynn

Fynn’s comprehensive solution is designed specifically for successful senior living. Our technology is user-informed, built, and tested to meet the unique needs of senior living stakeholders.

Senior living operating technology, Fynn, launched across three Galerie Living communities this fall. Through advancements in artificial intelligence, consolidation of information, and an intuitive user experience, Fynn acts as a companion to caregivers, managers, residents, and soon families, in an effort to bolster overall community wellness.

Utilizing integrated data analytics and delivery, Fynn’s digital dashboard takes the burden off of caregivers and creates a more efficient and effective basis for resident care. Wellness Director of Village Park Peachtree Corners, Yvette Sneed, rejoiced in the optimization of streamlining essential data into one cohesive space.

“As soon as you go to the dashboard, everything is right there: falls, incident reports, anything that I need for tasks and assessments,” Yvette explained. “I instantly know what I have to do for myself, for the residents, and how to direct the staff accordingly.”

The care dashboard is Fynn’s vehicle for ensuring need-to-know care information stays top of mind and is communicated to care team members in real-time and across shifts. The platform provides secure information on resident health and activities of daily living (ADLs) while also acting as a transparent, collaborative space for caregivers to respond to residents’ needs.

“Anything that I’ve put in on previous days comes through in real-time,” Yvette adds. “The hope is that the team stays on top of shift records because that’s where the most current information is.”

Caregiving in senior living is an inherently collaborative process, but without efficient means of communication between caregivers, friction occurs. Fynn’s intuitive platform minimizes that friction and ensures consistent, data-informed care by allowing multiple caregivers the ability to access and log clean, reliable information at the point of care delivery.

In addition to having permissioned access to comprehensive information on resident and community wellbeing, caregivers are empowered by Fynn’s technology to also provide a helping hand in proactive strategies. In the near future, care data will be used to craft well-informed, evidence-based recommendations without taking time away from team members.

By utilizing artificial intelligence, can anticipate potential acuity changes and optimize staff-to-resident performance matching. The returned time allows team members to focus on their main priority—caring for residents.