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Music and Mind

A recent video of a drum exercise class at Green Country Village Senior Living in Bartlesville, Oklahoma went viral on social media with 63,000 views and 463,000 shares. The seniors were spaced 6 feet apart and wore masks, but their enthusiasm could be felt as the beat to Uptown Funk began to build up. People listen to music for many different reasons, but did you know there are countless health benefits? 


Health Benefits

Harvard wants music lovers to know that music is directly tied to their health. By listening to music, you are helping to heal yourself. Music positively affects the human brain, the mind, stress, mood, movement, stroke recovery, muscles and even how your heart beats. There are many mysterious healing qualities in music so turn up the music and track how you feel. 


Memory Benefits  

According to Practical Neurology, music can improve moods, behaviors, and in some cases cognitive function, for people who have dementia. Music can stimulate brain activity and be beneficial for memory function. Regardless if somebody  is 20 years old or 100 years old, we all know there are certain songs that can take our minds back to a place, time or emotion. 


Sharing Music Playlists

The easiest way to bring a smile to someone’s face is to play a song they enjoy or remember. The internet has made this much easier now because there are many playlists to listen to online. Sharing music playlists can be a fun activity for you and your friends. 

Music provides a multitude of health benefits. It can assist in memory function and it often brings people together. At Village Park Senior Living we love hearing the sounds of music throughout our hallways. Whether it may be a resident playing the piano in the bistro, dancing to the classic stylings of Elvis, or enjoying the weekly entertainment, there is always something good to hear. Be sure to follow us on social media at Village Park Senior Living to stay up to date on our musical moments.


Article written by: Haley Sweetland