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Protect Your Immune System this Flu Season

As we enter into the fall, flu season is quickly approaching. From October to May, the virus is the most prevalent in the United States. It is extremely important for seniors to take as many precautions as possible to protect their immune systems during this time. According to research, older adults are proven to have more risk for complications as a result of contracting the flu virus. There are multiple ways to prevent illness during the colder months. Follow these few steps to ensure a happy and healthy transition through the upcoming changes in seasons.


Regular physical activity benefits your immune system in several ways. Staying in shape provides both immediate and long-term benefits.  Exercise causes a change in the number of white blood cells and antibodies. This is important in assisting the body to fight illness and increase blood flow. Being active also speeds up recovery if you do happen to fall under the weather. For the elderly, exercise is extremely beneficial as it is known to halt the aging of immune systems. Physical activity is the body’s best defense to fight infection.


Sustaining a healthy diet is also imperative to maintain optimal immune system strength. There are countless nutrition choices that boost immunity. Fruits and vegetables are full of numerous essential vitamins your body needs. Sticking to foods with high levels of antioxidants like broccoli, kale, or blueberries, are important additions to your diet. Also, lean meats provide your body with essential healthy fats and omega-3 acids. These proteins are proven to promote cardiovascular health and brain function.  


Lastly, it is important to schedule regular checkups with your healthcare provider. Although there are many general precautions you can take to ensure immune system strength, everyone is different. A medical professional can assist you to better navigate your individual strengths or deficiencies to determine exactly what your body needs. They are also able to provide recommendations for supplements, administration of vaccines, or customized nutrition plans. Being proactive with your health is paramount in preventing illness during flu season.


Be sure to enjoy this upcoming autumn flu-free by following these simple steps. From courtyard festivals, Halloween parties, and DIY fall crafts, here at Village Park we are sure to welcome the season with open arms. To find out more about our upcoming events, give us a call at (470) 509-4557 and follow us on social media for all of our latest updates!