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Tis The Season – Christmas Shopping Tips for Seniors

Companies nationwide are hiring thousands of new employees to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. According to Business Insider, Amazon alone is onboarding approximately 150,000 seasonal workers to mitigate the upcoming increase in demand. As companies scramble to assemble their staff and inventory for peak season, now is the time to secure gifts for your loved ones. There are countless stress-free ways for seniors to navigate the holiday shopping rush. Here are a few tips to ensure a hassle-free experience.


The holidays can apply a bit of pressure. It is important to remember that sometimes the best gifts are those that come from the heart. From homemade meals to passing down a special heirloom, there are many simple ways to give during the holidays without burning a hole In your wallet. Additionally, the gift of time is also a perfect way to make the holidays special. Paying a visit to loved ones in person or even via video is invaluable to those who you may not see regularly. For more crafty individuals, a homemade present provides those you care about with something unique and memorable. Avoid the mad rush of in-store shopping with one of these creative gift ideas.


Recent studies reveal that online shopping is becoming the primary means of commerce nationwide. Buying gifts online rather than in-store comes with several advantages. Shopping virtually takes a fraction of the time it would take to travel to multiple locations. It shortens shopping times tremendously by providing the freedom to specify the items you’re searching for. Additionally, online you can instantly compare prices to guarantee you’re securing the best savings possible.  There are even other conveniences such as gift wrapping and direct shipping to the receiver. For seniors, these conveniences are a perfect solution for seasonal gift-giving. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of everything shopping online offers.


Lastly, the gift of support is one that has a meaningful impact. Contributing to a loved one’s goals, ambitions, or passion projects helps them explore their talents and make room for the potential to become realized. Sponsoring extracurricular activities also encourages aspirations and shows support to those you love. Remember, giving in itself is a gift. The holiday season is a time to share, laugh, and love. Choosing one of these simple gift-giving methods will allow more room to enjoy the holidays with people you care for. To stay up to date with our holiday events here at Village Park, follow us on our social media pages or contact us at 678 740 3499.