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Versatility and Values

As Village Park Milton successfully secures 100% occupancy and the development of Phase II expansion begins, it is important to take a look at the leadership and culture that has driven the community’s success. Executive Director Lauren Hardy has made it a mission to keep the success blossoming by tending to challenges and celebrating triumphs. Village Park Milton thrives through her insistence on staying engaged at every level of operations and supporting a team whose focus puts resident well-being above all.

Before finding her passion in senior living, Lauren first stepped into caregiving through the hospital environment. After graduating college, she interned at the Cleveland Clinic where she witnessed the massive impact that caregivers and wellness experts have. It was fast-paced and exciting but Lauren’s driving force was seeing patients flourish.

This led her to consider long-term care positions, and she joined a 9-month internship program to become a licensed nursing home administrator. The program put her through CNA school and trained her on how to be an effective nursing assistant. She saw working in nursing homes as an opportunity to provide exceptional healthcare while also building lasting relationships with residents. Her love for senior living bloomed here.

“I never realized how much I loved working with seniors until I started that internship. I just thought, ‘This is amazing. These people are amazing. Their stories are amazing, and they deserve to receive the best quality of care possible.’”

As a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator with experience both in the administrative office and on the floor as a nurse, Lauren’s skillset is diverse, and it empowers her to engage with all facets of her community.

“I have no problem throwing on scrubs and providing patient care, or going into the dining room and taking orders while running food, I have no problem doing anything that’s needed in this community, and I think as an executive director, you have to be open to wearing multiple hats.”

Lauren is out in the community and getting involved in every way she can. This ensures that her team doesn’t feel overwhelmed, even during emergencies or last-minute changes. This proactive practice allows her to effectively understand the needs of her team and the residents by getting involved in their routines.

She recognizes the importance of fostering a team that shares her appreciation and dedication to seniors’ wellness. This common focus builds strong communities.

“I want to make sure that the objectives that I have for the community are aligned with what motivates the staff. So for me, it was making sure that I was very clear with my managers about expectations.”

Lauren says she feels rewarded by her relationships with residents and associates. She entered this industry to meet seniors and to make a positive difference in their lives. The fruit of her labor can often be found in the smiles, joy, and comfort of her residents.

Great Senior Living is driven by teams that genuinely care about their residents and the impact they can make on their lives. Lauren’s successful leadership stems from her commitment to building and supporting a team for which resident well-being comes as a natural priority. That goal of providing exceptional care and great service resonates throughout the entire building, fostering success, togetherness, and unexpected happiness.