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Wellness with Florals

Surrounding ourselves around flowers can lead us to feeling calm, relaced, and happy. There are several benefits that bouquets and plants can give us. At Village Park Senior Living, we love the sight and smell of floral creations. Beyond the aesthetics, here are our top three reasons how flowers can benefit our lifestyles. 


Increased energy

Spending time around plants gives people an increased feeling of vitality. Being around nature produces a more positive outlook on life which leads people to feel more active and alive. The more we surround ourselves with nature the more encouraged we are to live!


Village Park Senior Living offers floral arranging classes for residents to create stunning bouquets. The activity brings together neighbors from around the community to create beautiful pieces throughout their home.


Memory Improvement

Various plants have been shown to improve your memory. Plants supply oxygen that boosts brain cell stimulation, which improves memory, clarity and concentration. This has been shown to power brain cells efficiently and effectively. 


Feel Happy.

One of the most natural ways to lift your mood is with flowers. Flowers are a very simple way to improve emotional health. Research shows that flowers can trigger happy emotions. It is well-known that people who receive flowers will immediately feel happiness, delight and gratitude. 


Throughout Village Park communities, it is common to see beautiful bouquets in common areas and entryways. Wow Floral Design Studio and 131Le Fleur have both contributed ornate arrangements to Village Park Senior Living. The vibrant colors and unique pieces create a happy and inviting atmosphere for everybody to enjoy.

We are excited to share the benefits of floral arrangements with the Village Park family. The expansion at Village Park Alpharetta will include a florist shop with flowers and botanicals proved by 131Le Fleur. The florist shop is one of many new amenities offered at Village Park Alpharetta. Learn more about what’s new at Village Park Alpharetta by giving us a call at (678) 740-3499. We look forward to hearing from you.


Article written by Haley Sweetland.