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Whimsical Winter Wonder with Mackenzie Myrick


Artist, Mackenzie Myrick, creates whimsical worlds of wonder with exquisite detail through a single black pen. Each composite masterpiece is accompanied by a fable envisioned by Mackenzie. For the Holiday Season, Mackenzie is sharing her newest creations, The Holly Candle and The North Polar Bear.

The Holly Candle

Forest chipmunks have many holiday traditions, the most important of which is the lighting of the Holly Candle. First, the candle is formed from beeswax collected during the summer months. Once complete, the candle is placed in a candle holder (discovered long ago by their ancestors), and holly seeds are planted next to it. When December arrives, the chipmunks light the candle each night, celebrating and dancing in the glowing, moving shadows cast by the leaves.

It is also traditional to spend time writing letters (typically consisting of paw prints and the occasional berry juice painting) for family members to open on Christmas Day.

The North Polar Bear

The world’s best candy canes can be found at Candy Cane Farm, located in the center of that wintery bliss we call the North Pole. The farm, which was created by the North Polar Bear Family many frosty moons ago, is known for its oversized peppermint treats that are grown from scratch. Yes, you heard that right! They plant rows upon rows of candy canes and harvest them all year long. Part of what makes their candies so delicious is the quality of the snow they grow in — pure white and fluffy, it gives the peppermints an icy and refreshing quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

This is a small glimpse of Mackenzie’s Holiday Collection. Discover more of her seasonal wonders at