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Staying Active In Assisted Living

Active Assisted Living


In the ever-evolving landscape of modern assisted living, a refreshing wind of change is blowing. Today’s senior living communities are vibrant hubs of engagement and enrichment, where residents can thrive at any stage in their wellness journey, especially in assisted living.


When transitioning into assisted living, it’s natural to worry that you may have to abandon your active, independent lifestyle. Here, you’ll never have to. Our blended community campuses and commitment to maintaining an active, engaged, and connected community make fulfillment easy for everyone. At Village Park Senior Living communities, opportunities for growth and enrichment are plentiful, and staying active is second nature.


Why Being Active Matters for Seniors In Assisted Living


Off the bat, “staying active” doesn’t look or feel the same for everyone. Not only does “staying active” apply to physical exercise, social engagement, cognitive enrichment, and even spiritual connectivity, it also looks different with each individual. For some, an active day may be a stroll through the park. For others, it could be running a marathon. For others, it could be playing a game of cards with friends. It doesn’t look the same for everyone, and it shouldn’t, but staying active and engaged, in any manner, can have massive benefits for health and overall wellness.


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The benefits of physical activity are manifold, especially for those in assisted living or with weakened muscles, immune systems, or cardiovascular systems. Engaging in regular physical activity can boost blood flow, elevate moods, and even bolster cognitive well-being. Building muscular strength and maintaining balance not only enhance physical independence but also amplify capabilities, enabling seniors to embrace life to the fullest. Moreover, an active lifestyle can significantly reduce the risk of falls and accidents, preserving both vitality and safety.


The dangers of geriatric depression and reclusiveness are all too real. Staying socially engaged helps combat these challenges, fostering a sense of community, purpose, and connection. Meaningful social interactions contribute to emotional well-being and offer a valuable support system that can enhance the quality of life during the golden years. Beyond that, who doesn’t love good company?


How Senior Living Communities Foster Engagement


Senior living communities serve as nurturing environments where active living isn’t just encouraged; it’s ingrained into the very fabric of life. In these communities, residents find themselves immersed in an array of activities that stimulate the body, mind, and soul. From wellness classes to art workshops, each day brings a new opportunity to explore, learn, and interact.


How Village Park’s Assisted Living Stands Out


At Village Park Senior Living, we take the concept of active living a step further – for all of our residents. Our distinctive approach lies in creating a blended campus, where assisted living residents coexist harmoniously with independent residents. This blend of diverse residents creates a community tapestry. Our assisted living residents mingle and engage in the same activities as our independent residents, and vice versa. 


Here, you’ll find plentiful fitness and yoga courses to improve range of motion, blood flow, muscular strength, and overall capability. These programs are especially coordinated and sequenced to be safe, fun, and fruitful. Most importantly, these programs are available to everybody. Not only are our residents improving their minds and bodies through these programs, they’re also building their sense of community as they grow and challenge themselves surrounded by their neighbors. With the aforementioned fitness programs, holiday gatherings, resident-led historical discussions, community-wide bridge games, and much more, there’s no shortage of opportunities to be a truly active member of a great community.

Additionally, our specially curated Flourish Programs are designed to promote natural, supportive transitions through wellness journeys through director-programmed activities. With three distinct programs, Flourish Enrich, Flourish Engage, and Flourish Enclave, Village Park Senior Living communities offer engagement and opportunities to stay active and ensure that there’s a right fit for everyone.


If you’re interested in learning more about our flourish programs and the daily enrichment activities at our communities, come visit! See for yourself why so many seniors are choosing Village Park Senior Living to spend the best days of their lives.